Why Choose Alternative Wedding Bands?

Posted on: 22 July 2014

Almost everyone you know has a gold or silver or platinum wedding band, but there are plenty of other options, largely unexplored in the past but ever more popular today. This article will explore several reasons people choose alternative materials.


If you've had a gold ring before and reacted badly to it, you may have concluded that you're allergic to gold. The truth is almost as bad: your doctor would tell you that chances are you're allergic to nickel, which, according to DermNet NZ (warning: pictures of allergic reactions), is often included in gold jewelry. Though it's possible to buy gold rings that are guaranteed nickel-free, those who've had a bad experience with gold may opt for an alternative material.


It's a well-known fact that in certain industries, wearing a metal band on your finger can be a safety hazard, but you may not know that alternative materials can be much safer for a construction worker or electrician to wear. Wood is a much less conductive material, and you can find lovely wooden wedding rings at many jewelry shops. Another option is to wear your gold ring on a chain around your neck while wearing a tattooed image of it on your finger.


Maybe you just don't want a ring that's exactly like your neighbors'. Maybe you've really fallen in love with the look of Damascus steel, or you met in woodworking class and want your ring to commemorate this fact. Perhaps you're just looking for an excuse to name your firstborn child "Titanium." Any of these are valid reasons to choose alternative materials!


Did you know that gold can bring environmental concerns to your green wedding? Check out this article on modern gold mining methods before you go shopping! Options for environmentally conscious couples include unique recycled metal bands, wood rings (again), or vintage and antique rings. Check with your local jeweler for recycled metals, or to obtain re-sizing services for your vintage ring.


It's true, steel and wood aren't "precious metals" like gold... but this can actually work in your favor when it comes time to pay. They can be much more economical and friendlier on your budget, and you'll still have beautiful and unique rings!

In conclusion, whether you choose gold or silver or an alternative such as titanium or steel, your ring can uniquely showcase your personality. Check with your local jewelers for both traditional and alternative wedding band options.


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