The Latest Trends In Office Furniture

Posted on: 29 July 2014

The most recent trends in office furnishings point towards sleek and efficient designs, minimalism, and sensible work habits. The solitary cubicle environment is becoming a thing of the past; instead, workspaces have more of an open-floor feel to their design. Here are some key trends in recent office furniture design:

Stand-Up Desks

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of stand-up desks. This change shows an awareness of health issues; sitting down all day has health risks because the body isn't wired to have such low levels of activity throughout the day. Stand-up desks help the employee function more alertly, and alleviate the problem of feeling chair-fatigue, a condition people who sit all day experience, causing them to feel restless and fidgety.

Collaborative workspaces

Another new trend is having workers at a large, communal work-station instead of individual desks or cubicles. This greatly boosts communication between employees, making fewer formal meetings necessary. Workers can easily team up in groups and can produce higher quality work in scenarios where two or more heads are better than one.

A variation on this theme is the cafe-style office seating. These are small tables with a few chairs each, again in an open floor plan similar to what would be found in a coffee shop. This works well for employees working on laptops and tablets, while still leaving space between them to collaborate and communicate.

Enclave office space

Along with the communal desk and open space, sometimes an employee needs to duck into a more secluded space to focus on something, or perhaps to have a small informal meeting with a coworker. The shared enclave office is a half-enclosed space near an open office area, built to suit this purpose. It's also useful for taking a phone call or teleconference without having as much noise interference as an open workspace.

Comfortable and inviting furnishings

The old days of the big, square, metal desk and hard plastic chair are long gone. Today's office seating is cozy, ergonomic, and comfortable. The environment is more reminiscent of a lounge than a traditional office. This trend is coming about as employees work longer hours. The office is becoming a friendlier, more comfortable place where a person can feel at home for ten hours a day.

In summary, today's office recognizes the more active, social, and mobile nature of the workforce. By being less structured and more free-flowing, office spaces are freed from being rigid, allowing employees to flow from task to task or meeting to meeting. They encourage creativity and spontaneous productivity.

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