How To Make A Simple Party Piñata

Posted on: 28 August 2014

Creating a piñata for a party can be a very fun and simple task that doesn't take too much time or too many materials. The party guests will also love having a piñata at the party, and it will provide the children and/or adults with a fun activity that will keep them entertained for quite some time. 

Supplies for Your Piñata 

The basic supplies that you are going to need to create your party piñata are going to include: newspaper, scissors, glue, paper plates, foam paint brushes, tape, and balloons. You are also going to need a string or rope that you can use to hang the piñata for the party. If you would like to personalize your piñata once you have created it, you can also get paint, stickers, buttons, glitter and other fun accessories. You can even create your piñata into a classic paper mache style by purchasing a variety of crape paper from a place like the Victoria Party Store. Lastly, you are going to want to make sure that you have a lot of candy or other fun items to fill your piñata with.

Creating Your Piñata 

 First, you will want to take your newspaper and cut it into long strips. You are then going to blow up your balloon to the size that you would like your piñata to be. Next, you will take your glue and pour a large amount of it onto the paper plate. You will then use the foam paint brush to paint the glue onto a newspaper strip. You will then place the strip onto the balloon, and repeat this process over and over again until the balloon is covered entirely with newspaper strips. You are then going to need to wait overnight to allow the glue to dry and the newspaper to harden. Finally, you can pop the balloon inside, and your piñata shell is finished.

Personalizing and Displaying Your Piñata 

You can personalize your piñata by painting it, adding glitter, buttons, or other custom items to it, or even adding several small strips of crepe paper to create a paper mache piñata. Once you are done personalizing your piñata, you will then want to create a small hole in it to pour in the candy. Then cover this hole with tape so that the candy will not fall out. Finally, you are going to want to create two small holes in your piñata to thread your rope or string through and tie it in a knot. Your piñata is now ready to be displayed from a tree, a pavilion, or some other tall object that will allow the rope to act as a lever. 


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