How To Make E-Reader Charms To Promote Your Ebooks

Posted on: 17 September 2014

When you sell books, one of the most common ways to promote them is to hand out bookmarks. But what if you only sell ebooks? You can't use bookmarks with e-readers. Instead, promote your books with e-reader charms that attach to the e-reader through the headphone jack and dangle down just like cellphone charms.

What You Need:

Promotional design (a company like Advanced Screen Printing Embroidery & Promotions can help you design this)

Self-laminating photo sheets (2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches)


Hole punch

3.5mm audio cable

Washi tape


1) Print your promotional design so that it is 2 1/2" by 3 1/2".

2) Lift the top layer of the self-laminating photo sheet. The two pieces are connected at the top.

3) Slip the printed design under the top layer of the self-laminating sheet so that the top edge is center with the connected area at the top.

4) Bring the top layer down and smooth it out from the top to the bottom so there are no bubbles.

5) Punch a hole in the center of the connected area of self-laminating sheet.

6) Cut the audio cable so it is eight inches long. You only need one end of the cable.

7) Push the cut end of the cable through the hole of the laminated design. Bring the cut end up so that 1/2" rests against itself.

8) Wrap washi tape around the cable end so that it stays folded against itself.

Tips and Tricks

1) Promotional printing companies can print your design for you in fun shapes or with high quality inks and paper. You don't need thick paper, because the laminating sheet protect the image.

2) Print your design pages from old books for added charm on your charms. Set your printer to the size of the book page and then print the promotional design at 2 1/2" by 3 1/2".

3) One audio cable will make two ebook charms. Most cables are at least six feet long so you'll have plenty of cable to use both ends.

4) Use different colored audio cables so potential customers can pick one they like they best.

5) Washi tape comes in different colors and designs. It adds a fun element to the ebook charm. Use a color that matches the cable or use one with a design that fits your promotional image.

Your potential readers will love have these charms dangle from their e-readers. They will have a constant reminder to buy your books, too.


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