Are You Short? Choose Pendant Lighting For Your Kitchen

Posted on: 22 June 2015

As a short person, consider changing the lights in your kitchen to pendant lights that are easier for you to reach, and help you see better. Below are some tips on how to choose these lights.

Pendant Lights

These lights hang from the ceiling via a chain or a cord, and have a cord that is used to turn them on and off. These work well for someone that is short because you can lower them to the level that you want.  Hang them over your kitchen counters to provide you with light in this workspace.

Pendant lights are usually made of glass, plastic, cloth, or metal. For a kitchen, clear glass works best, especially if you are using the lights over your kitchen counters, because they give off more light. Cloth lights attract dust so they would be suited for spaces like the den or living room. Metals, such as brushed nickel or polish chrome reflects light well, so would also work in a kitchen area. Plastic is a good choice if you are on a budget, but you should know that they may start to discolor over time.

Pendant Lights Size

You should consider the size of the pendants. One large pendant light works well your dining room or kitchen table. Smaller pendant lights, such as mini globes, work best for over the counter lights. If you are using the mini globes, hang them in multiples at eye level to give you the most light.

Open or Closed Shade

When you purchase pendant lights, you will have the choice of open or closed shades. Close shades soften the light, and the bulb is hidden. Open shades have a much brighter light beneath them. Some of these lights are also open at the top where they will bounce light off the ceiling.

Traditional or LED Bulbs

For lighting over your kitchen counters, LED lights work well. They can save you money as they last longer than traditional bulbs. Some pendant lights will only take LED bulbs. The style of the light determines the type of bulb you can use. LED bulbs cost more so if money is an issue up front, purchase pendant lights that will take traditional bulbs.

When you finish installing your new pendant lights, consider other things you can do in your kitchen to make it more comfortable for you. You could lower your cabinets to reach the countertops better, and have a rolling library type step stool to use when you need to reach something high. For other kitchen lighting possibilities, talk to specialists like those at Raymar Electrical Sales.


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