5 Tips To Save Money At The Jewelry Store

Posted on: 4 July 2015

If you want beautiful pieces of jewelry but don't have a lot of money to spend, you might assume that shopping at a real jewelry store isn't an option. However, if you follow these five tips, you might find that buying nice jewelry is more within your budget than you thought.

1. Sign Up for a Credit Card or Account

Many jewelry stores offer credit cards and credit accounts, and a lot of them offer perks. If you sign up and get approved, you might get a percentage off of your first purchase. This can be a smart decision if you are looking to invest in a more expensive piece of jewelry, such as an engagement ring. If you are concerned about going in debt, just make sure that you pay off the balance as soon as you receive your statement.

2. Consider Alternative Stones

Not all jewelry with alternative stones is cheaply made. For example, you can purchase real gold or silver jewelry that features cubic zirconia rather than real diamonds. In many cases, the jewelry is still stunning, but you are able to get it for a fraction of the price. You can also ask your jeweler about created diamonds, sapphires, and other stones, which are often more durable while being much more affordable.

3. Ask for Gold-Plated Jewelry

Many jewelry stores sell jewelry that is made out of sterling silver or another similar material and is then plated with gold. This jewelry is much more affordable and still gives the beautiful real gold look. If you take good care of it and keep it clean, it should still look great.

4. Tell the Jeweler Your Budget

Don't be afraid to tell a jeweler, like The Jewellery Company, about your budget. In many cases, jewelers can point out great options that are within your price range, which can be very helpful if you don't have much to spend and are feeling overwhelmed by the many pricey options that are in front of you. Your jeweler may also be able to add a different stone to a different setting or make other changes to create the piece that you want at a price that you can afford.

5. Trade It In

Some jewelers buy gold and silver by weight. If you have old gold fillings, old tarnished jewelry, or other gold or silver items that you don't want anymore, consider bringing them in. The jeweler may purchase these items and take the amount off of the price of the jewelry that you want.

You don't have to spend a fortune just because you are shopping at a jewelry store. If you follow these five tips, you can get beautiful pieces for a price you can afford.


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