Holiday Gift Buying Made Easier With One-Stop Shops

Posted on: 16 July 2015

Instead of scrambling around, fighting crowds, trying to find the right gift for someone special, make holiday shopping a bit easier on yourself. Compile a list of the individuals that you want to remember, and hit up a one-stop shopping venues to complete your holiday buying. These shops provide a way to wrap-up holiday shopping in a single, less-stressful visit.

Some great places to shop include the following venues:

Hardware store.

There is something for everyone at a well-stocked hardware store. From flashlights and tool-kits, to kitchen gadgets to gardening supplies, you will easily be able to find a little something for any person on your holiday list. Many larger stores will have a toy section, too.

Book store.

Don't just think of reading materials when you shop at a bookstore. These are also a great place to find games, calendars, and collectibles. Give someone a great cookbook, or a coffee-table book full of beautiful photographs of an exotic place.


Supermarkets can be a treasure trove of great gift ideas, and they typically offer extended hours during busy seasons, so it is easy to find a quiet time to go. Check out the cookbooks, photo supplies, wines, and floral pieces that your local supermarket has to offer. Still stumped? Buy the recipient an issue of their favorite magazine, and use the enclosed subscription card to prepay a yearly subscription.

Toy store.

Many big toy stores offer a lot more than just toys; there often is a wide selection of apparel, books, and holiday wraps or decorations also available in these retail venues. Start a new family tradition of buying each member a copy of a favorite holiday children's book, and personalize it with a special message handwritten inside the cover.

Liquor and specialty food store.

If you happen to be near a gourmet food store, this is another great place to find gifts to please anyone that you want to remember. It is common to find unique candies or fine chocolate, as well as fine wines and top-shelf spirits. Create a basket for someone you want to impress, filling it with cheese, crackers, wine, and candy from a gourmet grocery or specialty food store.


Malls, like the Otineka Mall, offer another viable option when seeking to get shopping done in one visit. With a little something for everyone, mall gift cards always please a wide range of recipients; plan to shop during less-crowded business hours, such as first thing in the morning on a weekday. Try these distinct shopping venues to find unique gifts that your friends and family will love with a lot less hassle and stress.  


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