A Gift For All Ages: Christmas Gift Baskets

Posted on: 9 November 2015

Holiday shopping can be frustrating, especially when you are responsible for buying gifts for a variety of ages. Picking out the perfect gift for adults and children can take a lot of time and leave your wallet empty. Gift baskets are the perfect answer to holiday gift needs. A gift basket can be focused on recipients interests and contain items that appeal to all ages. 

Movie-Themed Baskets

Movie-themed baskets are sure to be a hit at the holidays. Movie tickets and theater gift cards to cover snacks will make everyone happy. Including a video for the "too young to hit the theater set" along with a box or two of child-friendly snacks can keep everyone happy.  Make it extra special by focusing the basket on a favorite movie character or two. 

Sport-Themed Baskets

For families that love sports, a sport-themed gift basket is the perfect gift choice. Include tickets to favorite sporting events, a jersey or two, or even tickets to meet a favorite athlete. Team-branded sports bottles and memorabilia can add a personal touch. 

Adventure-Themed Baskets

Adventure baskets are great for families of all ages. Baskets can be themed to include tickets to the zoo, art museum, concerts, aquariums, hiking trails, or other interesting places. Add in a tourist guide, a map, parking tokens, flashlight, and other adventure themed items and there will be something to please everyone. 

Arts and Crafts Baskets

Introduce friends and family to new hobbies and crafts with a craft-themed basket. Knitting, stamp collecting, painting, or other crafty activities make perfect choices for gift baskets. Include knitting needles and yarn for the adults and child-sized materials for the kids. A video or DIY book can round out the basket. Including a finished product or two can be a special added touch. 

Family Dinner Baskets

Family dinner baskets are perfect choices for friends who like to cook or who like to try new foods. They can be as simple as fixings for a favorite family meals or something more complex like introducing a new culinary experience. A wok, Asian sauces, cookbooks, and gift cards for the grocery store can be the perfect choice for the adventurous. 

Sweets and Treats Baskets

Sweets and treats baskets are wonderful gift choices. Fill a basket with cookies, biscuits, jams, crackers, dried meats, cheeses, and candy and you have a gift that is sure to be a winner. This is a great gift for families that suffer from allergies. Items that are chosen to be safe for the whole family can give even those with allergies a chance to enjoy the bounty of the season. 

Don't spend time looking for the right gift. Create your own with the perfectly themed gift basket that is sure to please everyone on your list.  

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