The Latest Trends In Office Furniture

Posted on: 29 July 2014

The most recent trends in office furnishings point towards sleek and efficient designs, minimalism, and sensible work habits. The solitary cubicle environment is becoming a thing of the past; instead, workspaces have more of an open-floor feel to their design. Here are some key trends in recent office furniture design: Stand-Up Desks One of the biggest changes is the introduction of stand-up desks. This change shows an awareness of health issues; sitting down all day has health risks because the body isn't wired to have such low levels of activity throughout the day.
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Why Choose Alternative Wedding Bands?

Posted on: 22 July 2014

Almost everyone you know has a gold or silver or platinum wedding band, but there are plenty of other options, largely unexplored in the past but ever more popular today. This article will explore several reasons people choose alternative materials. Allergies If you've had a gold ring before and reacted badly to it, you may have concluded that you're allergic to gold. The truth is almost as bad: your doctor would tell you that chances are you're allergic to nickel, which, according to DermNet NZ (warning: pictures of allergic reactions), is often included in gold jewelry.
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